CopperRestaurantTables.com will replace or repair without charge any defective product. Shiny spots caused by acidic foods left on copperware and variations in color and pattern of the patina do not constitute product defects. We reserve the right to inspect a product before replacing it or before issuing a refund. The complete repair of minor bends or dents (caused by shipping damage) can often be made by the customer or a seller’s agent. We will gladly help direct this process, perhaps even with the offer of a discount. We require that photographs be emailed to us to help us determine the nature of defects or damage. If a repair is undertaken by the customer, CopperRestaurantTables.com will not be responsible for any labor charges without a written agreement from CopperRestaurantTables.com. This warranty will apply for a three month period and can only be exercised by the original owner. All copper products must have been used only in a normal commercial application. The copper surfaces must not have been subjected to abuse (such as or not limited to extreme heat or cold, or dropping or scratching), and must have been cleaned and used only as recommended. Any product that has been modified, bent, or used in an application other than it was designed for will not be replaced. Other than this written warranty, no other warranty for our products, spoken or written, shall apply.

(Please call us at (866) 216-1595 for clarification about any of these policies. If requested, we will give you a written reply.)