Shipping Information

Several Options are Available

OPEN YOUR BOXES AND CRATES AS SOON AS THEY ARRIVE. When your item arrives, you have three days to notify if there has been any shipping damage. The claim must be made to us by e-mail to J. C. Slate. We must have photos of the damage to the item AND the packing materials. Please attach them to this e-mail. Be careful to stay within the time frame of three days – after this time we may not be able to file our claims with the shipper. We take full responsibility for correcting a problem of damaged merchandise, and will send you a replacement, which may take up to three weeks, if proper procedures are followed.
On all quoted orders we will give you shipping quotes and guarantee them. However, we cannot guarantee arrival times, since we are not ourselves shippers; thus, please be careful with scheduling installation. If you wish your order to be rushed, we can usually accommodate your needs. We will get the order to you as fast as possible. Items in our Colorado or Alabama warehouse ship UPS or FedEx, and items from our location in Morelia, Mexico ship via our normal carrier or by pallet. If you want to know where your particular item will ship from, call us at (256) 283-6496. will e-mail tracking numbers to all customers once items are shipped.

1.    For our restaurant customers, we offer several options. We have years of experience with each, and we will work with you individually to find that one that best fits your needs, and minimizes your shipping costs. Once we know exactly what your order will be, we can tell you what your shipping costs will be. We will attach this shipping cost to your quote.

2.    We do most of our shipping with one carrier. They have been extremely dependable for years, the prices we get within our contract are good, and their service is fast. If you are buying five or fewer tables or tabletops from us, they will probably be shipped using our normal carrier. Shipping using our normal carrier from us to you, anywhere in the continental U.S.A. takes four days or less.

3.    At times it proves more economical for us to ship by pallet. If you are buying a larger number of tables or tabletops from us, they will probably come by pallet. This will also occur if you are buying especially large pieces from us, items over ten feet long for example. When we ship by pallet, we will be glad to contract the work ourselves, all the way to you, and then bill you. However, if you prefer to use your own carrier, for all or part of the trip, we’ll be glad to make it available to that carrier. Shipping a pallet normally takes under two weeks using our normal carriers.

4.    Occasionally we also ship items to you, those originating in the United States, by other carriers. We will notify you if this is to be the case.

palletized crates 2

Forklift at a loading dock

Delivery location capabilities affect pricing

5.    For large deliveries, tell us if yours is a commercial location, and whether or not you have a loading dock and/or forklifts available. Each of these details can help us control costs for you.

We understand Packaging

6.    Our products are packaged exceptionally well, and we insure your shipments. If there is a damage problem, this is our problem, not yours. We have never lost a shipment, shipments are rarely delayed and where there has been damage, we work very quickly to get a new item sent to you, assist you with repairs for minor damage (dents), or possibly discount your item, as you prefer. We package so well that there is rarely damage, but we make sure our customers are well cared for.

truck stuck

We don’t deliver it ourselves

7.    Each customer has slightly different needs.  When requesting a quote, variables such as being on an island, rural areas, severe winters, small doorways, and other situations can affect delivery dates and prices.  If one of these or other potential situations you know exist, please inform us as soon as possible so that our time and price quote reflects contingencies.