Options for Corners for Your Table Tops

we have 5 standard options

To the right you can see 4 of our options. The Penny corner is the fifth option. The blue/green circle is our 4 inch corner and is the most blunt.  Next is the white circle which is our 3 inch corner.  The third is a Quarter corner, A quarter is used to generate the angle.  The last shown to the right is a 90 degree corner.  We do not recommend 90 degree corners to restaurants for safety reasons.  Use the 90 degree corner to determine the bluntness of the corners you desire for your copper restaurant table tops. Please choose Quarter corners if you want sharp corners.

Penny Corner


3 inch corners

Our three inch corners are popular and fit a certain look for bars and restaurants but some surface area is sacrificed in this option.

90 Degree Corners

We do offer 90 degree corners however we do not recommend them to restaurants for safety reasons.