Smooth Copper 

in five patinas smooth is an option

The only patina we can not offer smooth copper in is antique.  The hammering process is necessary to achieve the antique patina.  Smooth copper is not necessary for surfaces.  Our ball peen hammerheads are small and do not create an unpractical surface.  The specific look is the only advantage to smooth copper.  In fact hammering increases the durability of the copper and allows the copper to be shaped without cracking.

Pictured at right are smooth old natural and somber patinas.  To receive your smooth copper product call 256-283-6469 to get details about price and availability.  Sinks can not be produced in smooth copper.  The price difference between items in smooth  versus hammered is either small or non existent.  All pictures on this page were taken inside with natural lighting and only a watermark has been added.



Smooth Old Natural Patina

This patina is popular because it is the color the copper sheet is when rolled flat.  

Smooth Somber Patina

Somber is one of our most popular patinas.

Smooth vs Hammered Copper Samples

Smooth Compared to Hammered

In the same patinas you can see here the differences between smooth, the two interior pieces, and hammered, the two exterior, pieces.  This picture has not been digitally altered other than the watermark and was taken inside with natural lighting.