Copper bartop and table tops in North Carolina Brewery 1


Copper Bar top and table tops in North Carolina Brewery.  This copper bar top in a brewery in North Carolina is well loved. Notice how color change can occur. Copper “heals” itself by returning to its original color over time depending on the patina chosen. Copper Bar Top in Brewery in North Carolina.  Selecting copper for the surface of a bar top fits many different designs and themes for bar, pubs, and microbreweries.

Copper is a great material to enhance the luxurious atmosphere of your restaurant.

Custom products to meet your needs.  Using CAD or scale drawings we have worked with builders, contractors, designers, architects, do it yourself, diy, owners and interior designers to fabricate each and every possible material or surface from copper for a wide variety of restaurants including a brewery or breweries whether you are building from the ground up or remodeling an existing restaurant or space.