Oval Copper Restaurant Table Tops

These oval tables are elegant

We make all sorts of oval table tops. The term “oval” is loosely defined. Some ovals are stretched out and thin, others are the result of half-circles being laid at the ends of a rectangle, and others have a constant curve. The copper table tops designed at CopperRestaurantTables.com are high in style – unique, beautiful, and easy to care for. The standard table tops are made of hand-hammered 20 gauge copper (with hand-hammered edges) wrapped over a 1 ½” wooden substrate. Each individual table top is carefully inspected. You can speak directly with us about our products. Call us at (256) 283-6496.

Oval , or elliptical shaped table tops do not have a standard price because the multiple factors determine the surface area of the oval copper table top. The New Natural patina oval copper table top pictured to the right has straight edges on two sides.  Below you will see table tops that do not have any straight sides.  

The Many Shapes of Oval


Imagine Plush Chairs Around this Lounge Table

These copper table tops provide that certain style you are looking for in a bar or lounge.

Shape Customization with Ease

These oval copper table tops could be used in a regional office setting as a copper conference room table.