Frequently Asked Questions


*Can the patina peel off?


Our patinas are not painted on. Some patinas are created with heat which rapidly oxidizes the copper. It will continue to oxidize slowly over time, but it can’t peel off. The patina is in the copper itself.


*Will the patina of a copper sink change over time?


Because copper is a living material, the patina will naturally change very slowly over time. To retard the change and to aid in water run off, one can wax the table periodically.


*Are copper tables hard to care for?


A copper table is easy to care for. Just clean it with a mild soap and water, and then wipe it dry with a cloth or paper towel. Never use an abrasive cleaner as this will affect the patina and could scratch the surface.


*Are there any foods that will affect the patina?


Acidic foods that are allowed to sit on the product can cause shiny patches. Remember that copper is a living material and will naturally renew itself over time. Leave the area free of wax to allow the copper to re-oxidize.  Call for tips on removing wax from the table top.


*Where can accessories be purchased that complement the table?


We can also produce and combine into your shipment; copper range hoods, copper sinks of all sizes and shapes, and copper lazy susans. In fact, almost anything made of copper can be produced in our shop.


*Will a water glass leave a ring on my copper table top?


No.  If it is just water a ring will not be left on a copper table top that has been waxed.


Heat Raised Patina