For wholesale purchases of copper products for commercial use



Normally, CopperRestaurantTables.com operates on a basis of 50% down and 50% on date of shipping. We prefer to be paid by wire or check, but can arrange other methods or terms. Please call to speak with us about other methods or terms.


(Note: When our products arrive, open and review them immediately. If you will be requesting a return, do so within five days.)

Every item we sell is unique, since it is hand-made by an artisan in a workshop. If you choose to return an item because its appearance is not to your liking, return fees will apply. For our standard items (We define “standard items” as those sizes shown on our pricing page, if in the patinas of somber or natural.), the customer will be responsible for the return shipping charges (with shipment fully insured against shipping damage), and a 25% re-stocking fee. These charges will also apply to any item for which delivery is refused or for which an undeliverable address has been provided. All returns must be pre-authorized in writing by us, and must be returned to CopperRestaurantTables.com within 12 days. They should be very carefully repackaged and shipped to either our Colorado or Alabama warehouse. Contact us for the address and for repackaging instructions.

FOR CUSTOM ORDERS WE NORMALLY DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS. This includes all custom-sized tables, or any item with custom features (we include the café or shiny patinas in this category). However, we will be open to discussing the return of a custom item, on a case-by-case basis.


Any order cancellation, or reduction in quantity or size, must be made within 24 hours after the order is placed. After that, our artisans have often bought their copper and wrought iron and have begun to work on your product. Again, this can still be discussed on a case-by-case basis.  On all refunds, CopperRestaurantTables.com will send you a refund check.


On all wholesale purchases, to clients who will re-sell the item, we reserve our responsibilities to these: Please open the item when it arrives. If it is defective or damaged, we will replace it. Any claims about damage or quality must be made within five days. We are certain of the quality of what we are sending, but we do not accept extended responsibility for items that will go to other parties. If questions arise about issues with a secondary customer, we will listen and help, but we only accept responsibility for replacement or refund for the five day period after original receipt of item.


Drop-ship procedures and policies are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us at 866-216-1595.


CopperRestaurantTables.com will replace or repair without charge any defective product. Shiny spots caused by acidic foods left on copperware and variations in color and pattern of the patina do not constitute product defects. We reserve the right to inspect a product before replacing it or before issuing a refund. The complete repair of minor bends or dents (caused by shipping damage) can often be made by the customer or a seller’s agent. We will gladly help direct this process, perhaps even with the offer of a discount. We require that photographs be emailed to us to help us determine the nature of defects or damage. If a repair is undertaken by the customer, CopperRestaurantTables.com will not be responsible for any labor charges without a written agreement from CopperRestaurantTables.com. This warranty will apply for a three month period and can only be exercised by the original owner. All copper products must have been used only in a normal commercial application. The copper surfaces must not have been subjected to abuse (such as or not limited to extreme heat or cold, or dropping or scratching), and must have been cleaned and used only as recommended. Any product that has been modified, bent, or used in an application other than it was designed for will not be replaced. Other than this written warranty, no other warranty for our products, spoken or written, shall apply.

(Please call us at (866) 216-1595 for clarification about any of these policies. If requested, we will give you a written reply.)