Custom Options & products

Bar Stool Seats

We do not sell the bases or full bar stools.  We only sell bar stool seats.  These are extremely affordable when added to your table top or bar top purchase.


Corner Options

We offer a wide array of corner options for bar, tables and counter tops.


Non-Waxed Copper

We can send your product unwaxed but will not guarantee the patina. 

Pre-Drilled Holes

Even though we do not having us pre-drill the holes to mount bases to the copper table tops if we are given a template we can pre-drill the holes if necessary.


Motifs & Logos

We offer hand hammered Motifs and/or Logos.  Give us a call at 256-283-6496 to discuss your options and prices. These motifs and logos do not impact the flatness of the surface.


Standard Borders

4 standard borders are offered at the same price per linear foot.  Each border is 2 1/8 inch wide.  Each border is hand hammered into the copper by an expert coppersmith.


Custom Shape

Have an odd shape to fill? We can construct a copper top to fit any space. 


Custom Depth

Bar tops and table tops of certain dimensions come in recommended depths unless you request a custom depth.   Generally the larger the surface the thicker the depth needs to be.



Tap Handles

Our copper tap handles can be any length.  They can be made in round, square, rectangle, or triangular shapes in any of the six copper patinas we have available.  We can add a variety of motifs. 

Smooth Copper

The only patina we can not offer smooth copper in is antique.  Smooth copper is not necessary for surfaces.


Custom Supports

We prepare the copper top underside support to easily mount your base or bases. Perfect for customers who already have table bases or a bar top base and just need to replace the tops. Tell us where you want the supports and we will put them where you need them.  Custom support placement does not add to your cost.



Four rivets are available to be placed on the edge of the bar top or table tops you order. Tell us the number of rivets you would like on each or how far apart you want them.


Build Around an Existing Feature

Sometimes architectural features in a restaurant can not be moved in a cost effective way.  You are in luck. We have experience creating bar tops to fit around existing architectural features.  We would love to work with you to solve these problems.


Reverse Patina

Should you request a swatch from us please feel free to look at the back of each piece also.  We have had customers buy what we call “reverse patina” which is still hammered but has unusual side in use.  Reverse patina does not effect price.