Complete Copper Restaurant Tables and Copper Bar Tables

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At, we take copper restaurant furniture very seriously. The furniture used in a restaurant, hotel, café, or bistro defines its ambiance, and copper speaks of tradition and elegance. We offer all of our styles in a variety of sizes and shapes in tops – round, square, rectangle, triangle, trapezoid – in order that restaurants can use their available floor space efficiently. Also, we offer table base heights to fit all restaurant needs.  Our complete copper table options are green because we use recycled copper.

Whether for a small café or for a large restaurant that requires various sized tables, our copper table tops can be made in any size or shape to fit any floor plan, while continuing to provide elegant style. Each of the complete copper restaurant tables and copper bar tables are available in any of our four patinas at the same price. If you are needing a particular table at a height other than for regular dining, say a bar table at bar height, please call and ask so that we may assist you. Quantity affects pricing as you can imagine, but the quantity that a restaurant needs allows us to bring you great prices. We also understand that restaurants will likely need tables of various sizes so call us at (256) 283-6496 for pricing related to variety. We want you as our permanent customer so we will bring you the quality, price and service to make that happen.  The tables shown above in the photos are each offered.  There may be other bases we can offer with your help by describing what you are looking for.  Each of the table bases pictured above are rated for tremendous amounts of weight.  All of them come with leveling abilities you may have seen on other restaurant table bases.  Give us a call today to begin your quote and we can answer any questions you may have.

Copper is a great material to enhance the luxurious atmosphere of your restaurant.

Custom products to meet your needs.  Using CAD or scale drawings we have worked with builders, contractors, designers, architects, do it yourself, diy, owners and interior designers to fabricate each and every possible material or surface from copper for a wide variety of restaurants whether you are building from the ground up or remodeling an existing restaurant or space.