Copper Bar & Counter Tops

Surfaces for Decorative and Functional Spaces

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From bar tops to bathroom counter tops to kitchen passes, these copper surfaces can and have been made in many custom shapes and sizes.  We can integrate a drink rail or a sink. The underside supports are built to base needs. We can custom fit your copper bar & counter tops to meet your needs. Please note that pieces longer than 9 feet will be much more expensive than seaming two or more smaller pieces together. If you desire a long copper bar top or a long copper counter top we recommend that you order it in several pieces that can easily and unobtrusively be seemed together.  Our copper bar and counter tops are green because we use recycled copper. 

Because we work with the best craftsmen in the business we can custom build copper bar or counter tops to your specifications. Dimensions will need to be provided to us by either the customer or the installer to guarantee a correct fit. A copper backsplash can be integrated. Should you desire one or more motifs on your copper bar top or copper counter top we can do that also. Each logo or motif is handcrafted in the size, patina, number and placement of your choice.  Give us a call today to receive a quote for your copper bar top or copper counter top! (256) 283-6496. Now shipping to many locations in Canada!

Restaurant Copper Bar Top in Albuquerque


Counter Top with integrated Vessel Sink

This in in our Somber patina.  With this configuration any restaurant can have a beautiful an functional option in a restroom.  This one could easily have been made larger to accommodate two sinks.  Space for a faucet is also not a problem, just ask the installer to let us know the details

Copper Counter Tops

Our copper counter tops offer elegance to any location.

Copper Bar Top
Somber Patina

Copper Bar Tops

Each copper bar top is unique because the length, width and depth of each is a little different.  Call for an estimate because each copper bar top has its unique features and demands.

Copper is a great material to enhance the luxurious atmosphere of your restaurant.

Custom products to meet your needs.  Using CAD or scale drawings we have worked with builders, contractors, designers, architects, do it yourself, diy, owners and interior designers to fabricate each and every possible material or surface from copper for a wide variety of restaurants whether you are building from the ground up or remodeling an existing restaurant or space.