Round Copper Restaurant Table Tops

any size to choose from!


These copper table tops can be fit to all restaurant layouts. We also make custom sizes to perfectly optimize layouts. The copper tables designed at are high in style – unique, beautiful, and easy to care for.

The standard table tops are made of hand-hammered 20 gauge copper (with hand-hammered edges) wrapped over a 1 ½” wooden substrate. Each individual tabletop is carefully inspected. All of our copper table tops can be made for outdoor use for a minimal markup. If you want table tops that are slightly larger or smaller than our standard, we can make them. The price will be close to the standard prices that you see listed – e.g., a 41 inch will be slightly more expensive than a 40 inch. Prices shown do not include crating and shipping, but we can quote this part quickly, and will work to make this as economical as possible. You can speak directly with us about our products. Call us at (256) 283-6496.

ABQ hotel table top
This is in a hotel in Albuquerque.  It is in  our Old Natural Patina and is 30 inches in diameter starting at $242.  This customer also ordered a bar top seen on other pages of this site.


Szelag table top 2
Somber Patina 42 inch diameter

42 inch rounds start at $423


lasser table El Bistro
Old Natural Patina 24 inch round

Our 24 inch Round Table Tops begin at $166 each

These size tops are great for cafes and bars.

Masson table top 2
This seats 4 people

36 inch round Staring at $317 each