Restaurant Style and Size Copper Range Hoods

Make your customers wow over the beauty in your kitchen

Let us fit an elegant copper range hood into your restaurant. We do not make or sell blower units, but we will study all technical details of your chosen blower unit and construct your hood to perfectly fit the blower unit, and so that installation of the blower unit is fast and secure. Our hoods are made of hand-hammered copper welded to a handmade wrought iron frame. We will work by phone and internet with your builder and installer to get everything right – duct openings, location of mounting fixtures, etc.

Show us your kitchen or dining room plans and let us custom fit a copper range hood for you, or send us your photos or drawings. We will work with you to make exactly what you want. We will quickly quote you a fair price, with crating, shipping, and insurance included. Call us at (256) 283-6496.

Bungalow Setting

Somber Patina

Just Panel Covers?

We can easily just make copper covers for the range hood you already have in mind.  Just send us the quantity and dimensions.  We can even hand hammer your logo into the copper panels.  Somber Patina.

Canopy over the Soft Drink Area

A canopy like this can be over any number of areas in your restaurant.  Somber Patina.

Copper is a great material to enhance the luxurious atmosphere of your restaurant.

Custom products to meet your needs.  Using CAD or scale drawings we have worked with builders, contractors, designers, architects, investors, owners and interior designers to fabricate each and every possible material or range hood from copper for a wide variety of restaurants whether you are building from the ground up or remodeling an existing restaurant or space.